Our People and Business Philosophy

Our core business is making suspension pads for furniture. We design our pads to ensure the safety of the workers who move these chairs and sofas in warehouses by ensuring stability, and we also protect our client's shipped goods by ensuring no surface of the product will be damaged during transit. To this very day, we still make pads in all different shapes and sizes, which are used to cushion lawnmowers, edgers, airplane parts, and even missle components. Also, we make the use of recycled materials a priority when creating our products, and our fabrication process strives to be a zero-waste endeavor.

Our next venture was shaping material used in the construction of furniture, such as solid fiber coardboard, seat padding, back padding, polyboard panels, and panel nails. However, these are just a few of the many products that our fabrication shop can create, and we are constantly seeking out new machinery, new materials, and new ideas that will propel our business into the future.

10400 hwy 371 | Marrietta, MS 38856

Updated 4/21/2015